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2020 Sidecarcross and Quadcross of European Nations cancelled

It is with great regret that FIM Europe has to announce the cancellation of the 2020 edition of the Sidecarcross and Quadcross of European Nations which was to have been held at Varsseveld in The Netherlands on 3rd and 4th of October.

The decision has been jointly made between FIM Europe, the KNMV and the Varsseveld organiser because of the uncertainty of travel for some teams, the financial impact that the Covid 19 virus has had on the competitors and their Federations, and also the fact that although the Dutch government will allow sporting fixtures to resume as from September, but with no public attendance. Without spectators the event is obviously not financially viable.

The Sidecarcross of Nations has been organised continuously and successfully since the year 2000 and was joined by the Quadcross of Nations in 2009. This annual National team event is of the highest importance to FIM Europe and is regarded by organisers and FMN’s as a highly prized event to organise. In recent years team entries have increased and it now attracts Nations from other Continents. The best Quad riders and Sidecar drivers and passengers on the planet are in action at this event every year.

The Chairman of the FIM Europe Motocross Commission, Mr.Eddie Herd, stated that this was a difficult decision for everybody to make and is very sad that this highly regarded and prestigious event cannot be held this year. However, Mr. Herd is certain that the event will return stronger next year in France at the excellent Dardon Gueugnon track.

Mr.Herd also expresses his sincere thanks to the Varsseveld club and the KNMV for their continued support and hopes that this event can be scheduled at Varsseveld in 2022.
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2020 FIM Calendar – Updated 03 June 2020

2020 FIM Sidecar Motocross World Championship cancelled, 03 June

WSC 2020 succumbs to Coronavirus, but it’s all systems go for 2021

 In the face of insurmountable obstacles and the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the FIM and WSC, the promoters of the 2020 FIM Sidecar Motocross World Championship regret to announce the cancellation of the 2020 season.Despite all our very best efforts, and the extraordinary lengths to which the FIM, the Federations and organisers have gone to in trying for a solution to run a meaningful World Championship, we have all run out of options.A proper World Championship worthy of the title, needs to be a minimum of seven Grands Prix. With the best will in the world, given the unpredictable situation across Europe, it would be impossible to deliver that commitment.

It remains unclear as to when all countries will be in a position to lift restrictions enough for a degree of uniformity, and that makes for an insecure environment for crews, organisers and indeed anyone connected with the events.Our amazing sport depends on spectator support track-side, both for the atmosphere, and revenue stream. Without a guaranteed number of spectators through the gates, the risks for organisers in financial terms are high, and therefore it is unfair to ask them to put their necks on the line in these uncertain times.From a rider perspective, with the differing rules in place from country to country, there is also an unfair training and practice situation, so certain teams will be more prepared than others.Rather than give false hope, and paint a picture which will be impossible to deliver, we at WSC believe that it is far better to conserve budgets and efforts whilst looking ahead to what is bound to be a magnificent 2021.The appetite has never been stronger, the spectators are hungry for action, and the teams are all fired up to go racing.2020 promised so much, and that is all still in place, so let’s all channel that fire into making 2021 the best season ever.


Press release from the Moto-Club d’Iffendic

Press release GP Side Iffendic 2020 2


2020 FIM permanent starting numbers



Standing 2019 after the fuel tests from Markelo, NL

FIM Sidecar Motocross World Championship – FIM Fuel Tests in Markelo (NED) – Decision of the International Jury, 14 October


01. 82 Etienne Bax-Kaspars Stupelis NL-LV WSP-Zabel 604
02. 1 Marvin Vanluchene-Ben van den Bogaart BE-NL VMC-Zabel 548
03. 2 Koen Hermans-Nicolas Musset NL-FR WSP-Zabel 448
04. 888 Stuart Brown-Josh Chamberlain GB-GB WHT-Husqvarna 421
05. 10 Arne Dierckens-Robbie Bax BE-NL WSP-Zabel 406
06. 7 Kert Varik-Lauris Daiders EE-LV WSP-Husqvarna 306
07. 18 Zeno Compalati-Bastien Chopin IT-FR VMC-Zabel 297
08. 28 Jake Brown-Joe Millard GB-GB WSP-Zabel 294
09. 9 Davy Sanders-Lari Kunnas BE-FI WSP-Zabel 252
10. 16 Kristof Santermans-Konstantinas Beleckas BE-LT WSP-Zabel 205
11. 14 Gert van Werven-Peter Beunk NL-NL WSP-TM 196
12. 5 Julian Veldman-Glenn Janssens NL-BE WHT-MEGA 195
13. 4 Valentin Giraud-Andres Haller FR-DE WHT-MEGA 186
14. 17 Justin Keuben-Dion Rietman NL-NL VMC-Zabel 171
15. 111 Daniel Willemsen-Luc Rostingt NL-FR WSP-Zabel 163
16. 22 Christophe Cuche-Maxime Cuche CH-CH VMC-KTM 162
17. 23 George Kinge-Lewis Gray GB-GB VMC-Zabel 161
18. 19 Marco Heinzer-Ruedi Betschart CH-CH VMC-KTM 111
19. 8 Brett Wilkinson-Ryan Humprey GB-GB WSP-Zabel 94
20. 38 Petr Kolenchik-Matej Hejhal CZ-CZ WSP-Zabel 92
21. 32 Gary Moulds-Brian Anthony GB-AU VMC-Husqvarna 75
22. 98 Ijen Kops-Pim Lambrechts NL-NL WSP-Husqvarna 68
23. 21 Pavel Hroch-Martin Hroch CZ-CZ WSP-Zabel 65
24. 911 Adrian Peter-Miroslav Zatloukal DE-CZ WSP-Zabel 60
25. 101 Lucas Cerny-Lari Kunnas CZ-CZ WSP-JAWA 42
26. 31 Jan Boukal-Pavel Boukal CZ-CZ WSP-Zabel 36
27. 176 Eddie Janecke-Gordon Bothur DE-DE WSP-MEGA 35
28. 55 Thomas Hamard-Simon Villaines FR-FR VMC-Zabel 34
29. 30 Hotmar Pozzi-Simon Walti IT-CH WSP-Husqvarna 32
30. 35 Dylan Boussy-Steve Deschacht BE-FR WHT-KTM 28
31. 26 Markus Normak-Karl-Albert Kasesalu EE-EE WSP-Zabel 26
32. 36 Michael Hodges-Scott Grahame GB-GB WSP-Zabel 25
33. 99 Thom van de Lagemaat-Han van Hal NL-NL VMC-MEGA 25
34. 49 Tanel Reesna-Teet Eier EE-FR VMC-Zabel 20
35. 151 Gert Gordejev-Keit Kivaste EE-EE WSP-Husqvarna 18
36. 46 Tobias Blank-Lemuel Ravera DE-IT VMC-Zabel 18
37. 25 Mike Keuben-Paul Horton NL-NL VMC-MEGA 16
38. 90 Robert Diblik-Michal Gabor CZ-CZ WSP-KTM 16
39. 181 Ivo Lasagna-Ivan Lasagna IT-IT VMC-Zabel 15
40. 47 Romaric Chanteloup-Josselyn Chanteloup FR-FR WSP-KTM 15
41. 27 Guennady Auvray-Rodolphe Lebreton FR-FR WSP-Zabel 13
42. 194 Killian Prunier-Evan Prunier F-F WSP-Zabel 13
43. 333 Lukas Pudlo-Radek Viton CZ-CZ WSP-MEGA 13
44. 24 Joachim Reimann-Philipp Reimann DE-DE VMC-Zabel 13
45. 53 Janis Jegorovs-Peteris Jegorovs LV-LV VMC-KTM 12
46. 72 Frank Mulders-Aivar van de Wiel NL-NL WSP-Zabel 12
47. 20 Bastien Thomas-Rodolphe Lebreton FR-FR VMC-Zabel 11
48. 199 Igor Rodionov-Maurice Lina EE-EE WSP-Zabel 11
49. 45 Tomas Baltusis-Tadas Natka LT-LT WSP-Husqvarna 11
50. 419 Junior Verhelst-Nicky Debruyne BE-BE WSP-Zabel 9
51. 116 Willy Bouquet-Maxime Manach FR-FR WHT-KTM 8
52. 777 Artur Glushchenko-Yelsei Hlushchenko UA-UA WSP-Zabel 8
53. 110 Sven Wisselink-Kenny van Gaalen NL-NL WSP-Zabel 8
54. 94 Kelly Debruyne-Jens Mans BE-BE WSP-Husqvarna 7
55. 50 Fabian Hofman-Marius Strauss CH-CH WSP-Husqvarna 6
56. 122 Valery Zhyvutski-Andrei Zhyvutski BLR-BLR WSP-KTM 6
57. 418 Stephan Wijers-Siebe van der Putten NL-NL WSP-KTM 5
58. 51 Argo Poldsaar-Ruslan Talf EE-EE VMC-KTM 5
59. 97 Tim Prummer-Tobias Lange DE-DE VMC-KTM 5
60. 100 Dan Foden-Roy Bijenhof GB-NL WSP-Zabel 5
61. 113 Patrick Girardin-Kyllian Gouin FR-FR WSP-Husqvarna 4
62. 69 Bruno Perrussel Morin-Cyril Clement FR-FR VMC-KTM 4
63. 145 Roy Lindgren-Niko Tynnila FI-FI WSP-Zabel 3
64. 354 Heiko Muller-Pirmin Hofmeier DE-DE WSP-Zabel 3
65. 77 Christian Sieber-Michael Klooz DE-DE WHT-KTM 3
66. 121 Sebastian Engelbrecht-John Karnatz DE-DE WHT-KTM 3
67. 252 Siim Mokrik-Taal Birger EE-EE WSP-Zabel 2
68. 133 Renatas Jankauskas-Martynas Zaliauskas LT-LT WSP-MEGA 2
69. 114 Sam Osbaldiston-Nathan Cooper GB-GB VMC-Zabel 1
70. 79 Yohann Marquis-Theo Levenes FR-FR VMC-Zabel 1


Results Sidecarcross of European Nations

The final results are here: https://www.sidecarcross.com/2018/12/2019-smxon-schwedt-germany/
There’s also some  video footage of the event made by WSC and Luc Vanderaa
To see all race RE-LIVE go to https://fimsidecarcross.inplayer.com/index.html


offers special price for our fans!

The outstanding success which was Slagelse, Denmark last year has prompted us to once again support the Nations competition with TV coverage.
This great spectacle takes place over the weekend of 5/6th October, and once again will be beamed straight to you LIVE on www.fimsidecarcross.com, www.sqmxon.live or fimsidecarcross.inplayer.com

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We care deeply about our loyal fans, and we appreciated all of you who committed to assist us in this new venture. For those diehard supporters who registered with us on WSC live project for the 2019 season, there is a 50% discount offer using a special promotional code starting today. To claim your 50% discount, quote WSC promotional voucher code WSCFANS.

AND – for those fans numbering in excess of 2,300 who registered with us at the end of 2018 for last year’s Nations event, whether you actually paid an enrolment fee or merely expressed interest, there is a deal for you too, as a “thank you” from us. We are delighted to offer you a 25% discount using the discount voucher code SQMXON2019.

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The archive with the history of the championship is updated.
See the names of the teams, their brands of the engine, chassis and many details more.
All the way back from the FIM CUP in 1971 till today

World Sidecar-Cross Champions

Year – Driver / Passenger  –   Point Margin – Engine – Chassis
2019 Etienne Bax / Kaspars Stupelis 56 Zabel WSP
2018 Marvin Vanluchene / Ben van den Boogaart 81 Zabel VMC
2017 Etienne Bax / Nicolas Musset 34 Zabel WSP
2016 Jan Hendrickx / Ben van de Boogaart 43 Husqvarna WSP
2015 Etienne Bax / Kaspars Stupelis 96 Zabel WSP
2014 Ben Adriaenssen / Ben van den Bogaart 18 Husqvarna WSP
2013 Ben Adriaenssen / Ben van den Bogaart 97 KTM WSP
2012 Daniël Willemsen / Kenny van Gaalen 5 Zabel WSP
2011 Daniël Willemsen / Sven Verbrugge 9 Zabel WSP
2010 Daniel Willemsen / Gertie Eggink 9 Zabel WSP
2009 Joris Hendrickx / Kaspars Liepins 18 KTM VMC
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