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Results from Alqueidao, POR

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The 2024 FINAL calendar is announced



FIM SidecarCross of Nations & FIM QuadCross of Nations to be launched in 2024


Again the Netherlands wins the SCMXoN

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Next  weekend the final international round during the
Quadcross and Sidecarcros of European Nations in Cingoli.

Entry List Sidecars: Entry-list-Sidecar

Entry List Quads: Entry-list-Quad

This event will be broadcats with a LIVE STREAM – Click here or on the image above.


RESULTS and STANDING after the 14th and FINAL round in Castelnau, FRA

Qualifing and race results on:

FINAL Standing 2023 Worldchampionship after GP14 Castelnau can be found here:

History of the FIM CUP – European and World Championship Sidecar Motocross
is also update and can be found on:

Then there is also some overview with numbers about the 2023 season:

 2023 Season statistics GP Sidecars
GP10Red Brae24
GP11Cusses Gorse30
 Total entries427
 Total competitors90
 Average true the season31
 Number of teams90
 Qualified teams72
 Teams with points61
 Teams by Nation 
 Great Britain13
 Czech Republic10


RESULTS and STANDING after GP 13 Rudersberg are online

Qualifing and race results on:

Standing 2023 Worldchampionship after GP13 Rudersberg can be found here:


RESULTS and STANDING after GP 12 Loket, CZE is online

Qualifing and race results on:

Standing 2023 Worldchampionship after GP12 Loket can be found here:


Change of venue for the Czech Round

Loket steps in to save Czech GP No 2 August 19-20.

Due to the loss of surrounding land needed to support the Kaplice GP scheduled for August, the organisers had no alternative but to announce its cancellation. Despite several approaches to the landowner, they were unsuccessful and were left in an untenable position.
Fortunately, the organisers of the successful 2022 GP in Loket have stepped up to immediately fill the void and will be running the second Grand Prix to be held in the Czech Republic in 2023.
The Loket club has a band of loyal enthusiasts who were only too keen to take on the GP at short notice. WSC wishes to thank the Loket organisers and the FIM for their cooperation in saving the scheduled date in this all-import season.
We all look forward to returning to Loket at a vital point in the 2023 calender.

FIM Sidecar Motocross World Championship – 2023 Calendar, UPDATE 07 June


FIM STATEMENT – FIM Sidecar Motocross World Championship in Kramolin, Czech Republic

Following a serious accident today during the Veteran Sidecar race in Kramolin, Czech Republic – a support race of the FIM Sidecar Motocross World Championship, the race programme for the remainder of the day has been cancelled at the request of the local authorities.

As always in these situations our thoughts are with those involved and connected to the incident.


WSC is delighted to announce that a package has been agreed to bring a Live TV Stream to the WSC fans around the world on race day Sunday for round two in Alqueidao – Torres Novas.
This will be a popular decision for those fans who expressed dismay at not being able to watch round one live from Spain.
The Live Stream decision is based partly on logistics but inevitably cost, whilst always being mindful of the fanbase. If enough subscribers commit, then it becomes viable, giving confidence for its continuation going forward. If, however, the response is not strong enough, then clearly, money cannot be spent on something which has little or no audience support.

In this instance, we have managed to reach an agreement with a local broadcaster which makes it possible for us to offer one day’s transmission.
It is only by cooperative arrangements such as this that we can deliver live coverage, so we will continue to seek similar opportunities in the future.

In this instance, we have managed to reach an agreement with a local broadcaster which makes it possible for us to offer one day’s transmission.
It is only by cooperative arrangements such as this that we can deliver live coverage, so we will continue to seek similar opportunities in the future.
WSC feels that this demanding track in Portugal will provide a high level of entertainment and spectacle, hence the decision to bring the action to a live audience, whilst still delivering the highlights show as normal.

Cost of the Live Feed is 12 € exclusively here on the WSC website for both GP races and the awards ceremony.

Do not respond to any offers from elsewhere or open any links from other parties.

The live stream is ONLY available here on

The usual TV Highlights show will be available shortly. Keep up with all other news as it happens on our Social Media platforms.



The official 2023 FIM Sidecar Motorcross calendar, confirmed and published.



Updated entry list for Talavera (and Alqueidao)

entry list Talavera – updated 19mar


Season 2023 is coming

In just a few weeks the 2023 season will start in Talavera de la Reina, ESP.
Today we can already announce the list with entries, and still some entries are pending.


FIM Sidecar Motocross World Championship – Entry list – Talavera de La Reina (ESP), 25 March


2023 WSC Season provisional calendar announced

FIM Sidecar Motocross World Championship – 2023 Provisional Calendar, 09 November

Hot on the heels of our earlier release in which we promised you some exciting news, comes the provisional calendar for the 2023 season.

Agreements have been reached to take our sport to no fewer than ten countries in a fourteen-round season. If we accept that Northern Ireland, whilst part of the UK, is another ocean crossing and effectively a different landmass, then we have eleven venues.

This is a massive step-up from recent times and is the result of a Herculean effort by the WSC team, the FIM and the various organisers across Europe.

It is particularly encouraging to see some great names and historic locations return, along with new countries welcoming the spectacular sport of Sidecar motocross for the first time.

We have now well and truly emerged from the shadow of the global crisis which blighted our lives for so long, and 2023 will be the first real opportunity to bring you a full-blown championship with all the thrills and drama that come with it.

Spain and Portugal set the ball rolling with back-to-back events at the end of March into April. Talavera de la Reina is our first port of call followed by a new name, that of Alqueidao, located north of Lisbon.

Then it’s off to the Czech Republic in early May where Loket and Kramolin are both vying for the action. A final decision is yet to be taken as to which venue will host round three.

The Netherlands is next up late May with Heerde negotiations well underway, followed by a much-welcomed return to Brou, in the first of two visits to France.

Then there are three rounds back-to-back, with a sensible and sympathetic geographic spread. June 10/11 sees a return to Lange in Estonia, with the following weekend heading west into Poland at Gdansk to a new track still to be confirmed, before a return to the sand of Lommel in Belgium to round out the month of June.

After a two-week break, it’s three more weekends on the trot starting with Strassbessenbach also still to be finally confirmed, one week before the first GP to be held in Northern Ireland since the inaugural FIM Sidecar Motocross World Championship in 1980. The Whitehead track was the venue on that occasion, having also hosted the 1979 Championship round when it held European status. This time we will be at a new track in Red Brae.

Still in the UK with England as the host nation, arrangements are in the final stages to run at a new track for Grand Prix action. The date is set in stone and the organisers are still ironing out the detail, but an announcement is imminent.

After a summer breather of almost one month, battle is resumed in the Czech Republic at Kaplice, a popular and testing venue at the end of August.

Mid-September sees us back at the fantastic Rudersberg in Germany, scene of such a dramatic finale in 2022.

That honour of the deciding final round now falls to the magnificent Castelnau de Levis in France. We are truly thrilled to be going back in France with its huge spectator following and strong sidecar motocross traditions.

As always, the Nations team event falls in October, with Cingoli in Italy strong favourites to play host.

This list is impressive, and whilst there are one or two areas of detail still to be finalised, we can safely say this will be a busy, exciting and totally fulfilling season for all concerned.



All results on:


Race results Rudersberg:
Standing World Championship 2022 on: